We believe that every home should have access to affordable and quality wallpapers, and this is paramount to our business model. This also means that as we are locally based, we can deliver and install your custom wallpaper within 3 to 5 business days, so you can get down admiring your new wallpaper and decorating around it.

Getting your wall grove on! (Preparing your wall)

Before you can Stick, Stop and Stare we need to ensure that your wall is ready; these 5 easy steps will ensure you have the best possible experience with lasting effects

  1. Smooth the wall. Fill holes and sand bumps and heavy textures.
  2. Ensure your wall is one colour as different wall colours can change the appearance of the wallpaper once installed
  3. Clean your wall for dirt and small particles. For best results use soap or hot water with cleaning vinegar.
  4. Apply primer to seal the wall. (If painting, use satin or semi-gloss paint).
  5. Wipe down your wall with a damp cloth 24 hours prior to installing.

Please do note that if the destined wall is not prepped then the experience of the wallpaper maybe detrimental. It would be the customers responsibility to ensure that the wall is ready for installation.


We want to make life easier for you; that is why our price includes Delivery and Installation. This is available for within Dubai only if you live in any of the other emirates, the additional charges are as below


Additional Charges

Sharjah and Ajman


Abu Dhabi and Al Ain


Ras Al Khaimah, Um Al Quwain and Fujairah



For quick installations, please do make sure that the area is free of any furniture; and the walls are free of any frames, posters, pictures and wall hangings. Our installation team shall cut around power points and sockets. The wall should be prepared as per the above instructions.

We would recommend that you are present at the time of installation to ensure that it is being installed as per your order. Please do note that once the installation has been completed then we wouldn’t be able to guarantee that we can repaste the wallpaper after again without damaging the wallpaper. Each wallpaper has been designed for that particular wall that you have measured your wall for.

It’s your Disco?

If our installers do notice that the wall is not prepared in accordance, then we can come back again after the wall is prepared for an additional cost of AED150 should you still wish to continue with the installation as is on then Sticky Business Décor shall not be liable for detrimental effect of the wallpaper. In this instance please send us an e-mail on info@stickybusinessdecor.com accepting responsibility. The installer wouldn’t be able to install this without this being sent.

Did I do that?

Certain times we do understand that mistakes can be made whilst measuring a wall. Unfortunately, Sticky Business Décor wouldn’t be responsible for the error in measuring. Our installers shall try to install the wallpaper to their best ability however should another reprint be required then a new order would need to be placed. Please do see how to measure your wall to avoid any errors.