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About Us

We are a unique boutique based in Dubai that provides exquisite range of wallpapers, designed and thoughtfully curated with enthusiasm and sophistication. 
We offer a world of carefully conceptualised wallpapers that are inspired by innovative themes. Additionally what we do best  is our ability to make each design with passion, uniqueness and dedication.
Our clients are our priority and our aim is to make your experience a memorable one. Each design is individually crafted and focused in making an interior space aesthetically dramatic yet warm, enduring and pleasing. 
Our bespoke “one stop shop” for both residential and commercial properties, will service you from selecting & printing your chosen design, to production and installation with your specifications and most importantly it will transform your interiors instantly making your dream design a reality ! 
So Shop and STICK with us! Our design will make you STOP, and STARE at your gorgeous walls!! 
Lots of Love and drama, 
Sticky Business Decor

Sticky business wallpaper tutorial

In this video we shall demonstrate the proper way to meausre your wall, how we install your chosen design and as a bonus you shall also see how one of favourite kids murals “Mogli’s friends” comes to life.

This larger than life mural design will leave the kids room looking exquisite.

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